Andy Tam

Strategic Advisor

As a seasoned executive with over 28 years of diversified experience in the real estate industry, Andy Tam brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role as a Strategic Advisor at Alpha Realty Services. Currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Business Development at Keltic Developments, Andy has been instrumental in driving growth and success in projects ranging from small residential/commercial endeavors to expansive mixed-use multi-family residential/commercial projects across several Metro Vancouver cities.

In his tenure, Andy has mastered the art of forging strategic partnerships with suppliers and contractors, leading high-performing sales and marketing teams, and managing joint venture partnerships. His exceptional leadership is evident in his achievements, notably the development and approval of the world's largest passive house project in collaboration with a world-renowned New York-based architect.

Andy's passion extends beyond the realms of real estate, embracing the spirit of teamwork and discipline on the ice hockey rink. As a participant in several IIHF International tournaments and a coach at a local minor ice hockey league, Andy brings the same level of determination and strategic thinking to Alpha Realty Services. His robust insights and profound experience make him an invaluable asset in our quest to transform the real estate development landscape.