Chloe Ju

Front-End Developer

Chloe is a versatile and highly creative co-founder, front-end developer, and UX designer at Alpha Realty Services. She brings a wealth of experience in various industries, ranging from finance to administration, which gives her a unique perspective on creating user-centric designs and fostering customer engagement.

As a co-founder and front-end developer at Alpha Realty Services, Chloe's main responsibilities include managing the company's social media presence, overseeing the WeChat official account, and maintaining strong relationships with clients. She ensures that the company stays relevant and connected with its target audience while delivering exceptional customer service.

Before joining Alpha Realty Services, Chloe held positions as an Assistant General Manager, Administrative Assistant, and Financial Assistant. These roles have given her valuable insights into business development, decision-making, sales, and inventory management. Her diverse experience has honed her communication and teamwork skills, which have proven invaluable in her current role at Alpha Realty Services.

Chloe's strong work ethic, attention to detail, and commitment to professionalism make her an essential part of the Alpha Realty Services team. As a UX designer, she has a knack for understanding user needs and translating them into seamless and engaging digital experiences. Her background in various industries has provided her with the adaptability and problem-solving skills needed to excel in her role.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Chloe is known for her excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work well in diverse teams. She values open communication and is always eager to collaborate with others to achieve common goals. With a strong sense of responsibility and integrity, Chloe is dedicated to delivering the highest quality results for both her clients and her team at Alpha Realty Services.