Louis Yu


Louis is a service-focused and results-driven professional with a proven track record in sales, customer relationship management, and operational excellence. As a dedicated General Manager and former Assistant Vice President of PCM Sales at HSBC, Louis brings extensive expertise in business growth, strategic planning, and team leadership to drive success in any organization.

Louis began his career in 2008 at HSBC, where he served as the Assistant Vice President of PCM Sales in Qingdao, Shandong. During his tenure, he implemented effective sales strategies, analyzed past sales data, and identified techniques to overcome sales obstacles. By cultivating new customer relationships and maintaining detailed records of sales progress, he consistently exceeded sales goals and facilitated market development.

In 2013, Louis transitioned to Meichu as the General Manager, where he prepared annual budgets, identified trends in customer marketplaces, and developed valuable solutions. He also introduced new methods, practices, and systems to reduce turnaround time, ultimately improving overall profitability. His ability to design modern employee recognition programs further contributed to boosting productivity and enhancing morale.

Louis holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology Tech from Shandong University. His background in both finance and management, combined with his keen understanding of customer needs, make him the ideal candidate to lead as the Co-Founder and CEO of Alpha Realty Services. As CEO, Louis is committed to driving the company's growth and ensuring that it delivers exceptional service and innovative solutions to its clients in the real estate industry.